“This is a love story—deeply felt and shared. Judy demonstrates the immense impact of human kindness and compassion as we face unexpected life detours. She beautifully expresses how, out of the hollow spaces of grief, life emerges anew and how we never stop learning and growing. For anyone who wonders what it takes to find joy in each day, no matter how difficult, Judy and Kim’s story will inspire you.”


—Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD, developmental psychologist, author of Tomorrow’s Change Makers

Kim Bush/Judy before Africa

“This is a book to be read slowly, to savor the miracles of being summoned to live life completely in the present as it is, not as we wish it to be…Kim and Judy’s heartfelt gratitude for life, their humor and humble courage, and especially their abiding love shine through on every page of this book.”


—Susan S. Scott, PhD, mental health counselor and author of Healing with Nature

“What a privilege to read Judy Friesem’s beautiful, tender, and breathtakingly honest reflections on her husband’s stroke and all that unfolded when their lives were upended on one fine September day. Much more than a medical memoir detailing the uncertain twists and turns of life after a stroke, this book is a story of love and profound commitment, of the individual but connected journeys of lovers coming to terms with an altogether different future than one they had ever imagined. It is a story of the salvation and healing offered by friends, community, and family; by nature’s prodigious and proximate wonders; and by the power of music to calm and connect. In short, this book is both a gift and a gem—a tribute to the human spirit and its capacity for resilience—it will enrich the lives of all who read it!”


—Marcy Jackson, cofounder and Senior Fellow of the Center for Courage and Renewal


“For fifty years, Kim felt like my closest friend in spite of the many geographical miles that separated us. While I was living a more conventional life, Kim was always on an idealistic adventure, starting with his service in Africa with the American Friends Service Committee, his resistance to the Vietnam War, his role as a teacher and a volunteer in many troubled places in the world, and a loving father and husband. Adjectives fall short in describing this wonderful, imaginative, thoughtful, quirky, humorous, idealistic, sometimes troubled, loving man. I like to think most of his quiet humor.

Judy’s beautiful descriptions of her relationship with Kim are quite extraordinary and very moving to me as his long-time friend. In writing this, I feel she was able to relive so many meaningful times and with such a range of emotion.”


—Andy Griffiths, Brown University friend of Kim’s and past Administrative Dean, College of the Atlantic


“Kim’s story and this book are a testament to the fact that while a stroke can take away so many of one’s abilities and one’s previous life, many things are out of the reach of this injury. It is these things that not only persevere but develop in ways that are hard to fathom.”


—Sandeep Khot, MD, MPH, neurologist at the Stroke Clinic at Harborview Medical Center and associate professor in the Department of Neurology at UW Medicine

Kim Bush Walking

“Judy and Kim are the gold standard of love and commitment, beautiful to experience and never forced out of a sense of obligation. It was apparent that there was no place they would rather be than in that moment with each other. In my time with Kim, he commonly had an extreme headache and was minimally mobile and fatigued. Yet he was always keenly interested in those around him, and people of all ages and persuasions were drawn to his smile, bright eyes, and quick wit. A stranger was just someone he hadn’t met yet. At the end of a long day of hard work in patient care, having the honor to work with someone as courageous as Kim is what makes being a physical therapist so fulfilling.”


—Keith Heinzelman, DPT, MTC, CHT, physical therapist, Bainbridge Island Physical Therapy


Summoned by a Stroke gently walks the reader through a heartfelt story of companionship, respect, and love, written with a quiet strength and spirit in the wake of a life-altering stroke that changed everything. Judy's unwavering devotion shines through as the book guides you to unexpected light and joy.”

—Denise Callaghan, Community Relations, Stafford Suites in Port Orchard-Assisted Living