a book by

Judy Friesem

“This is a book to be read slowly, to savor the miracle of being summoned to live life completely in the present as it is, not as we wish it to be.”

— Susan S. Scott, PhD, mental health counselor and author of Healing with Nature

Judy Friesem is a musician, mediator, environmental educator, naturalist and artist. Her life’s trajectory has taken her from inner-city New York where she was raised by refugee parents to the wilds of northern Idaho with moose in her backyard. The theme of connection flows throughout her life’s work, whether it is teaching about the natural world or mediating across generations, cultures, and countries. Currently she is a therapeutic musician, playing harp for hospice patients and directing a Threshold Choir. Judy lives in a cohousing community on an island near Seattle, Washington, with many neighbors, kids, friends, and her cat, Harley.

Judy Freisem author